A complete Solution for Part time job sEEKERS

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the Actual Work?
     It’s Simple; Just Convert the JPEG File Word into Ms Office File by Typing.

 2. Qualification Required for this Job? 
    Basic Internet & Computer Knowledge is enough to do this Job. 

3. How much can I earn? 
    Its purely depends on your skill, and you can earn by  typing the Images as much as you can. 

4. When will i receive my Payment?
       You will be paid, Every Tuesday of every Week and you need to Submit the Project every Friday of Week.

5. How will i receive my Payment?
       Your Earnings amount will be paid through Cheque to your address or By Online Net Transfer (NEFT) to Your Bank Account.

6. Is there any Limit or Target?
    Yes, there is limit in Typing Pages. You need to submit given target pages on weekly basis.   

7. Is there any Age Limit?
    Yes, People who have aged between 14- 50 yrs can Join this Work.

8. Is the Security fee Refundable? 
    No, the Security fee is strictly non-refundable and non-transferable to any other person. 

9. What about Security Fee?
   Security Fee is as per plan taken, which is Very Low when Comparing to other Job providing Companies.


How to Get this Work?

1. Register now by Filling the details in given Form.

2. Your membership details will be sent to your registered E-mail.

3. After Registration You Need to Deposit Security Fee in Given Account Number on Contact Us Page.

4. Your Project Files will be Sent to your Mail after Receiving Security Fee.

5. Now Finish your Project and Mail us Completed Work on Friday of every Week.

6. Get Your Payments Weekly through Cheque / NEFT online Transfer.