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The company was founded in 2014 and managed by very focused and experienced IT professionals with a mission to set the standards as a recognized global leader and premier service provider of outsourcing solutions to its clients located in India/Worldwide. Earn8Home is providing data processing services since 2014 to customers including small, medium sized and large scaled organizations.
We also focus on Research and development as a general process of our project completion cycle. We believe that without using full suite of state of the art technologies, our customers can never get the best product or outcome. We provide latest products/services with updates, as and where required. To get updated with all current happenings of our industry, it is very much necessary to deploy a team for the purpose of Research and Development only. Whatever technological advancement takes place; our dedicated team looks after them and puts its efforts to create new products/services which work for you in an efficient manner.

Before starting home based jobs often called as data entry jobs, offline typing jobs or online typing jobs firstly you should equipped you with the required skills in data entry operations. So far, data entry meant only for conversion of few files of different extensions to other extensions say from .jpg, .PNB, .gif, .tiff to Ms word conversion. But this is only one aspect of data entry jobs today. To be good data entry operator you should be known to the latest approach & basics of data entry.

Earn8Home is a customer-service oriented website, which caters primarily to those interested in working at home, contract or freelance, or running businesses out of their homes.


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